International Open Call for appointment of the external members of the Governing Council of the Ionian University

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Start: 03-01-2024 |End: 02-02-2024
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The Rector of the Ionian University

Taking into consideration:

  1. The provisions of articles 8 and 10 of Law 4957/2022 "New Horizons in Higher Education Institutions […] and other provisions" (Government Gazette A΄ 141), as amended and in force.
  2. The provisions of the 119929/Ζ1/30.09.2022 Clarifying Circular of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.
  3. The provisions of Law 4727/2020 "Digital Governance […] and other provisions" (Government Gazette A΄ 184).
  4. The fact that the term of office of the serving Rectorate of the Ionian University expires on 31.08.2023 at the latest and it is necessary to elect the Governing Council of the Ionian University,

The issuance of an international open call to fill five (5) positions of external members in the Governing Council of the Ionian University. The term of office of the Governing Council begins on September 1, 2024, and ends on August 31, 2028.

A. Eligibility to apply, requirements and restrictions
Individuals having the status of Professor at a foreign University or Emeritus Professor at a domestic University or retired faculty member of a domestic University, as well as individuals with wide recognition or contribution to culture, arts, literature or sciences, economy or society, and finally representatives of international organizations or social partners are eligible to apply for the position of external member of the Governing Council of the Ionian University. The number of Emeritus Professors or retired faculty members that can be selected cannot exceed one (1).

Candidates who wish to nominate themselves for the position of external member of the Governing Council of the Ionian University should have high formal qualifications and in any case be holders of at least one University degree from a domestic or foreign University.

The following categories are not eligible to apply for the position of external member:

  1. a) Faculty members of other domestic Universities.
  2. b) Emeritus Professors and retired faculty members of the Ionian University.
  3. c) Researchers of all levels and special scientists of research centers according to article 13A of Law 4310/2014 (Government Gazette A΄ 258), tenured researchers of other national research organizations, and members of academic, laboratory and other regular staff of domestic Universities.
  4. d) Individuals who have the status of Visiting Professor or Visiting Researcher of article 171, or commissioned instructor of article 173, or researcher under contract of article 172 of Law 4957/2022 at the time of issuing this call. This restriction does not apply to individuals who at the same time hold a Professor position at a foreign  University.
  5. e) Anyone who had financial transactions with the Ionian University or the Special Account for Research Funds of the Ionian University to the purpose of profit during the last twelve (12) months before the issuance of this invitation, with the exception of employment in projects/programs managed by Special Account for Research Funds of the Ionian University.

B. Application procedure, application documents and deadline
Nominations are submitted exclusively online at, by sending the filled and signed expression of interest application form, a template of which is attached to this call. The application is accompanied by the following supporting documents (in Greek or English language, in pdf format):

  1. Copy of State Identity Card or Copy of Passport.
  2. Full Curriculum Vitae.
  3. Any documents or material that the candidate deems will support his/her candidacy (optional).

Nominations are officially registered, and the candidate is informed electronically of the registration number that his/her application receives.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday February 2, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. Greek time. The deadline for submission of nominations may be extended once for a period not exceeding twenty (20) more days, if a sufficient number of nominations have not been submitted by the deadline for submission. In any case, the date of submission of nominations cannot exceed Thursday February 22, 2024.

C. Application evaluation procedure
After the completion of the nomination process within this call, the nominations are forwarded by the administrative personnel designated to support the process and to the internal members of the Governing Council of the Ionian University, who are to be elected by direct and universal voting, in accordance with Article 9 of Law 4957/2022 and No. 99286/Z1/08.08.2022 Decision of the Minister of Education and Religion Affairs and the Minister of State (Government Gazette B΄ 4211).

Within a period of fifteen (15) days from the deadline for submitting nominations within this call, the Rector of the Ionian University calls the internal members to a meeting regarding the evaluation of the nominations that have been submitted and the selection of the external members, in accordance with the current legislation. The six (6) internal members of the Governing Council assess the nominations submitted, according to the candidates’ CVs, their formal and substantive qualifications, their contribution to education and research or their contribution to culture, the arts, literature or sciences, the economy or society, in order to select the candidates deemed most suitable to fill the positions of external members of the Governing Council.

Candidates are selected by secret ballot and a five-sixths (5/6) majority. If the required majority is not reached for all the positions of the external members, then the paragraph 4 et seq. of the art. 10 of the Law 4957/2002 as it stands, applies. 

With the completion of the process of selecting the external members of the Governing Council, an official document is issued by the Rector, by which the Governing Council of the Ionian University is constituted.

D. Obligations of External Members of the Governing Council
The Governing Council of the Ionian University exercises the powers of Article 14 of Law 4957/2022, and its organization and operation are governed by the provisions of Article 13 of the same law and the Code of Administrative Procedures (Law 2690/1999) regarding meetings of collective governing bodies.

E. Further information
For further information and clarifications regarding this call and the process of appointing external members of the Governing Council of the Ionian University, those interested can submit their questions to the email address

F. Publicity
This call shall be published on the website of the Ionian University, in the DIAVGEIA program platform, as well as on educational and informational websites. In addition, this shall be communicated to the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports and to domestic Universities in order to be published on their websites.

The Rector of the Ionian University
Professor Andreas Floros


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