The Department of the Environment and the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology of the Ionian University organise for the first time a Summer School on “Excavation Techniques, First Aid and Preventive Conservation” of excavated material which is to be held at the excavation of the archaeological site of the Amyklaion near Sparta between 8-12 July 2019.

Maximum number of participants: 12 people (minimum 10)

Organising and teaching:
Asst. Prof. Stavros Vlizos, Director of the Amykles Research Project and Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology, Ionian University.
Asst. Prof. Christos Karydis and Asst. Prof. Panagiota Manti, Department of the Environment, Conservation of Antiquities & Works of Art Program, Ionian University.

Applications are accepted until Friday, May 31st, 2019 (31/05/2019)
Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 (01/05/2019).

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